Forgotten Folders

BPM - It is like a forgotten folder, if not taken care of could cause serious health issues. It needs routine check ups. EnterpriseBasicsSixOne  (ebSixOne®) is an innovative BPM solution. It reflects your organization, your business processes, your business rules and the way you work. 

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Forgotten Folders

BPM the Heartbeat of your enterprise.

Business Process Management (BPM) is the Heartbeat of your Enterprise.  

Today Business Process Management Market worth 13.52 Billion USD by 2021 -   BPM is not just a method of recording As-Is and To-be Processes. 

As Physics and Chemistry, Algebra and Geometry, Aviation and Aeronautics, Drugs and Disease are related. Similarly, the Business Process Management (BPM), and Automated Business Process is the Heartbeat of an enterprise.   

1. BPM is a business strategy that every company needs, and cannot survive without 

2. With the arrival of Internet-based applications, most organizations,      today are making the BPM as the top priority 

3. The New disruptive technologies such as cloud computing, mobile,      social media included in today enterprise; this creates a need for BPM  Enterprise Business operations are changing and getting more complicated Industries are evolving.  

1. Meet your financial targets for the Enterprise, and Achieve Enterprise-wide objective 

2. BPM is the method and the way an Enterprise realizes its strategic goals 

3. BPM provides the solution for the underlying decision making. 

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Let's look at facts and figures.

Business Process Management (BPM) is the Brain, Heartbeat and the Spine of your Enterprise.  

BPM is a business strategy that every company needs and cannot survive without.  Visit:  The trouble with Business Process Management (BPM).  

Today’s BPM software applied to many techniques and approaches, it is fragmented and falls under BPM - Modelling tools, execution tools, content management tools, workflow all these classified as BPM, which when viewed in isolation appears confusing. 


Here at EnterpriseBasicsSixOne (ebSixOne®); we believe that future of the Business Process Management (BPM) lies not in the multiple tools that are available today. 

Enterprises need a BPM tool, that is integrated and capable of providing an image of the whole enterprise. 


ebSixOne® – we are looking for partners who would be interested in joining a near completion BPM software ebSixOne(R), it is an experience-based development and ready for first prototype release June 6, 2018.   

We would be interested in hearing from organizations as well as individuals who would like to participate in our development efforts. 

We would be interested in your comments.  Today Business Process Management Market worth 13.52 Billion USD by 2021 - 

EnterpriseBasicsSixOne (ebSixOne)

Experienced based Business Process Management (BPM) tools. 

e = Enterprise 

b = Basics

Six = Six Major Functional Ares 

One = Single Page Technology 

Available for trial June 6, 2018