ebSixOne® - Innovative BPM Software

Today, BPM (Business Process Management) is not a choice, but a necessity.

EnterpriseSixOne - ebSixOne is a new breed of real experience-based BPM software. 

 It is designed to be “logical,” “simple,” “intuitive,” and easy to use, and is interpreted as:

  • e = Enterprise - covering the entire business, or a company
  • b = Basics - covering the business / enterprise strategic planning / goals
  • Six = Six Domains - of organization, or the six functional areas of a business
  • One = Single Page - all appearing or available on one page, no coding needed


EnterpriseBasicsSixOne - based on a proprietary formula design to cover the entire enterprise process flow: 

Enterprise Basics = Enterprise Strategies + Value Stream+ Value Chain + Viewpoints + Architect & Artifact + RACI



Designed to provide an enterprise-wide blueprint for the planning and implementation of an enterprise system. 

It offers a complete plan and macro views of how the different process elements such as supply chain components, inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing & sales, and services applications and its components logically fit, particularly in relation to one another. 


The purpose of ebSixOne is to create a map of the enterprise business processes frameworks. It contains the six most significant elements as follows: 

  1. Enterprise Structure, Business Strategies and Goals 
  2. Value Stream (Relationship of functional areas to one another)
  3. Value Chain (Application architecture, and relationships of functional areas)
  4. Value Stream Viewpoints (Information architecture, and the essential relationships)
  5. Architect and Artifacts (Documentation that outlines the company’s business processes, map of connections, infrastructure, technology, architecture)
  6. Stakeholders Concerns (RACI) and Stakeholders Link. 


 ebSixOne does not encompass the business process aspects only; it covers the whole enterprise basics 

  • There are many pieces in the puzzle; each piece cannot be an independent element.

  • Each piece has to be an integrated element, and there has to be an integrated system, linking business strategies, organizational aspects, line of business (LOB), architect & artifacts, SOP, user guides, training, RACI, knowledge management, stakeholders interest, as well as information systems. These are all the elements of enterprise basics.


 The trouble with Business Process Management (BPM):  Today's BPM software is applied to many techniques and approaches: 

It is fragmented and falls under BPM - modelling tools, execution tools, content management tools, and workflow. All these are classified as BPM, which, when viewed in isolation, can be confusing 

Here at EnterpriseBasicsSixOne(ebSixOne); we believe that the future of the Business Process Management (BPM) lies in a single integrated system, not in multiple tools. 

Enterprises need a BPM tool that is simplified and incorporates Enterprise Strategies, Value Stream, Value Chains, Value Chain Viewpoints (BPM), Artifacts and Architect (document-centric), and RACI, in one unified system. 

EnterpriseBasicSixOne (ebSixOne):  Promises to revolutionize how business processes are managed today. 

Our vision is to create a single unified platform for managing enterprise business processes based on the Organizational Value Stream and value chains such as supply chain management (SCM), customer service, purchasing, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, returns, and finance. 

ebSixOne ®  delivers integrated and time-saving related information to the users. It is a new breed of experience-based software developed by WestwardGloabal LLC. Our qualifications are dedication, hard work, and sincerity; we share experience, knowledge, and vision.