ebSixOne® - Today, BPM is not a choice, but a necessity.

ebSixOne is an experienced-based innovative “Enterprise Basics + BPM” solution designed to support your organizational business process management needs. 

ebSixOne incorporates six essential elements of an enterprise, which are:
Enterprise Basics =  Value Stream + Value Chain + Viewpoint (Activity) + Artifact & Architect + Stakeholders (RACI) + Enterprise Strategy   

 • All components fit on a single page 
• Cloud based portal 
• Zero coding required  
• No customization 
• No consulting required 
• Easy to use, intuitive, simple design
• Pay as you go (SaaS) 
• Cost effective 
• Applicable to any organization 
• ERP Interface  

The ebSixOne portal is based on my vast experience of multiple global projects and integration of six well-documented functional areas which have influenced the design of the BPM portal.  

ebSixOne® will soon be available for an overview, and the significance of the design approach will be readily understood in the overview, as well as new and more straightforward approach in the development of the portal. software company