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SAPHandyManServices - 40 years experience in the profession of information technology, including 30 years of SAP techno-functional consultancy, and ready to write the next chapter in consulting services.


The traditional approach of implementing SAP leaves gaps between business needs and what the implementation team delivers. As a result, organizations at large end up with an incomplete system and internal situations as follows:

  • Pain-Points – Requirements that the new methods did not solve
  • Business Process Gaps – Business processes and business technology that is not improved, and business requirements are not met
  • Touch-Point – Missing business integration that did not fully meet functionality (missing configuration)
  • Nurturing Staff - Internal staff lacks training and is not fully aware of newly delivered solutions
  • Business Process Documentation - Incomplete, too complex, or not enough
  • Training of SMEs and Users – Often limited to a few participants and delivered by someone with little knowledge

SAPHandyManServices – Ready to write the next chapter in consulting services. Today, the marketplace is saturated with companies that elaborate on innovation but have little ability to deliver. The traditional approaches to consulting are now obsolete, and the novelty has worn off.


Why not take the next step?  We may have the solution for your business process gaps and pain-points. SAPHandyManServices: Drives and Delivers Solutions. 

Brief History: SAP is implemented at over 350,000 clients worldwide and is designed to support the organizational integration of multiple business units.

  • It helps reduce the number of custom applications
  • It is designed to assist business units globally 

The SAP implementation approach has been the same for approximately 25 to 30 years and is described as follows:

  • Implementation methods used are fundamentally engineering-centric (engineer engages client, fixes the problem, and leaves)
  • The consulting team executing the implementation proposes its methodology and best practices 
  • The business units evaluate the solution three to six months after initial consulting team engagement
  • As a result, the traditional (Waterfall) implementation approach results in gaps between the business needs and what the implementation team delivers

SAPHandyManServices: Drives and Delivers. Why not take the next step? We may have the solution for your pain-points and business process gaps.

Our Approach

SAPHandyManServices - New trends in consulting: We drive and deliver solutions. 


SAPHandyManServices is a distinctly different consulting approach; it is much more than a consulting service.

  1. We are active participants in the delivery of our solutions, and we are passionate about what we deliver
  2. We are experienced professionals and enjoy the unique environment where we actively apply our experience and work as a team
  3. We are dedicated to fully supporting our world-class clients as we respond to challenges and opportunities
  4. We evaluate existing procedures, controls, user requirements and functional specifications to identify the pain-points
  5. We analyze existing business processes, develop and propose enhancements to current business process rules, and business process models to eliminate process gaps 
  6. We perform optimization analysis and determine the gaps between current state and future state Touch-Point – recommending solutions for new business opportunities
  7. We build internal knowledge, as Nurturing Staff is essential to success of the project  
  8. We create process documentation that is relevant, thorough, and clear  
  9. We increase process awareness across the organization, training guides and delivery of training is our passion

SAPHandyManServices: Drives and Delivers Solutions. We take pride in we do, why not take the next step.  

Why Us?

SAPHandyManServices: We share experience, knowledge, and vision. We are writing the next chapter in SAP consulting services. 

SAPHandyManServices offers assistance in the following areas: 

  1. Prototype (Proof Of Concept) Development - SAPHandyManServices will drive, develop, and deliver a solution 
  2. A la Carte Consulting Services – Provide a solution for a module or a business process to be implemented 
  3. Turn-Key Solutions – We will take on a specific requirement and deliver a workable solution
  4. Use Case Development – Organizations looking for the next phase of SAP implementation – we can help – development of your use case can be outsourced to SAPHandyManServices 
  5. Business Process Blueprint, looking to develop before taking a deep dive into new requirements, let us design a business process blueprint – SAPHandyManServices can deliver a solution
  6. Training Curriculum - we will design and deliver SAP training curriculum to suit your business needs
  7. We will create and develop at our site – saving time and revenue – we have the expertise to design and deliver 
  8. Standard SAP Training - we deliver SAP courses:
    1. SAP01 (Designed for management),
    2.  SAP TERP10 (SAP ECC based, integration of all modules, designed for SMEs) 
    3. SAP TS410 for SAP S/4 HANA
  9. Free Seminars - we provide two hours of free SAP S/4HANA training for your staff – why not contact us. 

Contact us to discuss your business process requirements, and we can provide you a solution. 

After all, that is all we do. software company

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Information Technology; the Current Trends

SAPHandyManServices - New Trend in Consulting!

 It is a New Era of “Information Technology," Let's be a time teller and a watchmaker. 

SAPHandyManServices - Drive and Delivers Solutions. 

The traditional approaches to consulting are obsolete. One hundred years of consulting are gone, and novelty is over.

Let's write next chapter in the consulting services. 

 Let's write next chapter in the consulting services. 

Our service starting June 6, 2018.  


Are you going “Cloud”?

 If so, It is time to visit “Enterprise-Basics,” the "Touch-Points," and the "Pain-Points.". before going into "Cloud. ". Scan your organization's "GAPS" as you would in a spaceship.   Read British Computer Society Blog: https://lnkd.in/e2hiMpu  

Organizations that are moving software applications, I.T Infrastructure, as well as business functions, will need to visit the organization's Enterprise Basics, the “Touch-points,” and it's “Pain-Points” before going to the "Cloud." 

Revisit your pain points, and business process GAPS.

 Revisit your pain points, it will improve efficiency, knowledge, productivity and profitability. 

 Business Process Management (BPM) is the Brain, Heartbeat and the Spine of your Enterprise.  BPM is a business strategy that every company needs and cannot survive without.  

Visit: https://lnkd.in/ex4dRxX  

Coming soon -  is our BPM Tool-set.  EnterpriseBasicsSixOne (ebSixOne®); we believe that future of the Business Process Management (BPM) lies not in the multiple tools that are available today. Enterprises need a BPM tool, that is integrated and capable of providing an image of the whole enterprise. 


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Please send an email on Pibrahim@SAPHandyManServices.com, or Pibrahim@westwardglobal.com and we will response immediately. 



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